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Prayer After The Slaughter The Great War: Poems and Stories From World War I

Translated by Peter Appelbaum and James Scott
Kurt Tucholsky was a brilliant satirist, poet, storyteller, lyricist, pacifist, and Democrat; one of the most famous journalists in Weimar Germany,
and an early warner against the Nazis. Erich Kaestner called him a "small, fat Berliner," who "wanted to stop a catastrophe with his typewriter".
His books were burned and banned by the Nazis, who drove him out of his country. But he is not forgotten. Read more about Prayer After The Slaughter

WWI Centenary in Belgium - Sure of the Sky, Sure of the Sun - Des Himmels sicher, der Sonne sicher

Choral commission by Howard Goodall for WWI Centenary in Belgium, poetry translation by Dr. Peter Appelbaum
On August 4th, 2014, the commemorative ceremony marking the start of the centenary of the First World War at St. Symphorian Military Cemetery in Mons, Belgium featured the premiere of a choral & brass arrangement of a poem by an unknown Jewish German soldier,Goldfeld . This poem was discovered and translated by Peter Appelbaum and set to music by British composer Howard Goodall.  The choral was a commission by Howard Goodall. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince Harry and David Cameron were among the 500 guests.  A choir of both English and German singers from the London Symphony Chorus and the Schleswig-Holstein Musik Festival Chor, and musicians from The Coldstream Guards were conducted by Simon Halsey.

Sir Nicholas Kenyon's article about the St Symphorien project in The Telegraph.   Read it here.
The score of Sure of the Sky, Sure of the Sun – Des Himmels sicher, der Sonne sicher is available to purchase from Faber Music.

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation - The Bugle and the Passing Bell

The Bugle and the Passing Bell - Fifty years ago, CBC Radio devoted 17 hours to the voices and stories of the men who fought in World War One. In 2014, to mark the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of the war, documentary producer Steve Wadhams and host Beza Seife bring those voices and stories back to life. Six of the WWI poetry works found and translated by Dr. Appelbaum were chosen to be read during the series.
Listen to the CBC presentation recordings of the six poems translated by Peter Appelbaum CBC recordings provided courtesy of Steve Wadhams, documentary producer of The Bugle and the Passing Bell.

1. Death and the Devil 2. Missing Friend 3. Priester Woods

4. Rise and Awake 5. The Brothers 6. To My Children

To hear the 50 year old interviews of WWI veterans by the CBC and to learn more about the CBC series The Bugle and the Passing Bell visit their website

Australian Broadcasting Poetica: Poems of WWI

In July of 2014 ABC Poetica marked the centenary of the start of World War One, a conflict that killed 60,000 Australians and an estimated 16 million people worldwide, from military causes, malnutrition and disease with a series called Poems of WWI and they chose to include 'Corpses in The Priester Woods' by Ernst Toller, translated by Dr Peter Appelbaum To learn more about Poetica visit their website: Listen to the audio of the Poems of WWI presentation

BBC Radio 4 Broadcasting House Interview by Hugh Sykes 02/02/2014

Hugh Sykes, BBC journalist, interviewed Peter Appelbaum about German Jewish War Poetry for the Broadcasting House Programme that aired 2/2/14 Listen to the Radio Interview:

The Economist

The Economist ( selected Peter's translations of a poem by Ernst Toller(1893-1939) to be the November 11, 2013 Remembrance Day daily chart.

German Jewish Poetry of the First World War

Collected and translated by Peter Appelbaum, these poems give a fascinating insight into the German and Jewish experience of the First World War. Most of this poetry was never previously translated into English Poem of the Week November 11, 2014

View the Haaretz poem of the week 11/11/14
Unlaureled victims going dumb to war A Jewish soldier, suckling on rue in the Kaiser’s army, writes an anti-war poem.


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