Peter C. Appelbaum

The Great Madness - Avigdor Hameiri

Author: Avigdor Hameiri
Translated and edited by Peter C. Appelbaum
Introduction by Dan Hecht
Poetry$24.00 U.S

When published in 1929, Avigdor Hameiri’s The Great Madness was compared to All Quiet on the Western Front published a year earlier. Drawing on his wartime experiences, Hameiri’s work quickly became a bestseller. This new translationwith annotations and extensive introduction presents an intensely personal perspective of warfare on the First World War’s Eastern Front. Within its pages Hameiri writes of the spectrum of emotions experienced by soldiers in combat.In so doing, he vividly reminds all readers of the trauma and tragedies of warriorsthrough the ages, regardless of rank, ethnicity, or nationality.

AVIGDOR HAMEIRI (Feuerstein, 1890–1970)was a Hebrew poet (the first Poet Laureate ofIsrael), novelist, editor, and translator. In 1916 hewas captured by the Russians while serving as anAustro-Hungarian officer on the Russian Front,imprisoned in Siberia, and released after the 1917October Revolution. He immigrated to Palestine in1921, joined the staff of the daily Haaretz, and ed-ited several journals. Hameiri published manynovels, short stories, and poetry collections givingliterary expression to his war experiences, the Third Aliyah, and the Holocaust.
Peter C. Appelbaum, MD, PhD, is an author, editor,and award-winning translator of numerous bookson Jewish military history and literature. Amongthem are Hell on Earth and Of Human Carnage byAvigdor Hameiri and Broken Carousel: German Jew-ish Soldier Poets of the Great War


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